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Sunday, January 30, 2011

commentary: snails can cause deaths

Hey guineapiggal7 here and today im going to do my first commentary its about a 19 year old girl from england that died from a traffic light malfuncion now thats not the funny part. The funny part is the coroner blamed it on a snail...yes you heard me a SNAIL so this is where the commentry starts hope you enjoy it.
NOTE: the articel will be in black my comments will be in blue (so can tell whos talking)

ok now lets rock!

A snail has been blamed for an horrific car crash which resulted in the death of a teenage girl in England.
ok...why blame it on a snail? what did it do you ask? well read on

A snail, or possibly a slug, left a trail across a circuit board which caused a set of traffic lights on a single-lane bridge in Staffordshire to short circuit.
what the sentence says is that a snail (or a slug) (somehow) got into the gearbox(?) and left a trail of of "slime" on the box and then it started to short circut. (i could be wrong though)
The traffic lights at both ends of the bridge turned green at the same time, an inquest has heard.
which = death
Katie Dagley, 19, died in a head-on collision on the bridge controlled by the faulty traffic lights on August 4, the Daily Mail reports.
which was caused by the snail. And also why investigate this now? she died on AUGUST 4 last why find out just now that a snail killed her?
Miss Dagley drove over the bridge at the same time as another driver heading in the opposite direction. She was pronounced dead at the scene.
and somehow the other driver lived =/ (and yes i read the article before i did this.)
The other driver, 28-year-old James Cope, was driving home from the pub where he had been working when he crossed the bridge.
it would have been worse if james was drunk (you know since he works at a pub an all.)

"As I crossed the bridge, I did see headlights but I continued driving, not thinking the car was going to come onto the bridge at the same time," he told the court.
the power of headlights! (oh wouldent katies blinker be on to tell that she was going across the bridge?)
As I came off the bridge, that's when the collision happened. I did not brake, I did not have time to brake."
maybe you could have reversed?
Warwickshire Coroner Sean McGovern said Miss Dagley's death was accidental
wait a sec! i thought it was the snails folt?
The fact is that a snail has led to a short circuit in the traffic lights that led to the death of the girl," he said.
and then he says that it was the snail...
Her family, including her sisters Emma and Nicola and parents Julie and Michael, said she would be sadly missed. "i woulent have died if it wernt for that meedling snail!"

so yeah my first commentary its not that great...but i will try to improve


Saturday, January 29, 2011

newbie here

um....hello my names guineapiggal7 (not really its just a username) and im sort of new to this website so hopefully i will make some more blogs (NOT like this this is just a test) and yeah

i will do some rants, reviews, thoughts, and other random stuff.
This blog is not really finished yet ive still got some stuff to sort out so please wait a little bit ok?

and it 11:46 am here

~guineapiggal7 (not real name)