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Hello I'm Guineapiggal7. But please, call me Taryn (or Taz if you know me really well) i'm 14 years old. My interests are My little pony, Sonic, Mario, Doctor Who, and getting into the webcomic called Homestuck.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy easter!

Happy easter- or should i say hoppy easter!

Any way i got some eggs today. All different kinds

Sadly i did not have an egg hunt (possibly because im too old for them now)

And im sure everyone else is/was excited for easter which is why little kids go hyper during easter.

"Oh my god...Is that some Cadbury chocolate Easter bunny?!"
In other news my dad told me that for the first time my cat caught a mouse...I'm so proud of him :')


Friday, April 22, 2011

Good friday...easter...blah...blah...blah

Oh hey everyone!

Yawn....i feel tired but i cant seem to fall asleep.

Good friday was today here in australia. I dont really like good friday because we cant eat any snacks during the day. But today was pretty good.

I cought some new pokemon in my game today so thats a plus. 

Oh and not to mention...easter is coming soon!. I am such a chocoholic...and we have lots of thats another plus!

hope everyone has a happy easter! ill see you in my next blog easter special post!


Friday, April 15, 2011


(sorry that the pic is in the wrong place) Now if you guys are wondering what im facepalming at is tumblr.
what for? well because of a domian this might not be so bad...if you would have to pay for that domian really you have too...with like real least i think...which is something im SO not goona do.

Ok now here is the story...
once a ponna time there was a young girl called Taryn (or guineapiggal7 as she was known on the internet) she loved looking at blogs and one day made a blogger account under the name "guineapiggal7".
One day while searching random crap on the internet she came across a website called tumbr "hmm" she thought as she found search reasults on google for tumblr. "This seems like a pretty good website". She then found a wikipedia article for tumblr as it then said on the first  paragraph "tumblr is a microblogging website". Taryn felt excited as she found that it was a blogging site like blogger. A while later she decided to join this tumblr website. She signed up for tumblr...she found herself at her dashboard she went through a turitel she did not want to go through (because she already knows how too blog) and it then said to custumise the blog. when she found the themes section she found that some cost money "what?" she said confused. And at the bottom she found the free ones. she clicked save and close when a popup said...please enter a domain name. Taryn was a bit confused at this she then found the domian avalibity button it linked to she typed in "guineapiggal7" as her domian name. But thats when it happend. She found some avalible domian names...Untill she looked to her right of the screen. She found prices for them...she realised she had too PAY for these names. "what?" she said as her jaw droped to the floor. She coudent belive her eyes as she found the prices. "Im not goona do this no way" she clicked off the browser....ans swore in her life that would never go to tumbr again...


Yep thats what really happend...never going to go to tumblr again...stick to blogger guys...or sighn up for livejournal...cuz thats what im going to do.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2 one day?!

Oh hey everyone!

Today was a pretty good day.....cuz saw justin bieber never say never and hop!

I gotta say never say never is better then it not a big fan of bieber but it was pretty good!
i felt a little sorry for bieber when he lost his voice in the movie...but it was teriffic!

now hop....hmm well it was not too could have been a bit better...i just cant seem to discribe it...
and according to was not very good...i liked it but...yeah it was a little bit...bad...not sure why though...


Thursday, April 07, 2011

schools out!

Oh hi everyone!

I had a teriffic day at school today because it was the last day of school!
we got out early as well and we also had a casual dress day!

heres some drawings i did in art today:

Me in my casual dress outfit

might color this
my character aqua might color

random doodle will not color

yeah i draw like a five year old dont i?
~guineapiggal7 AKA Taryn iles

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

i found it!

omg i found an old comic that i havent found in YEARS!
i was looking threw my bookshelf while looking for something that i could read at school and look what i found!

(pic not by me) i got this a few years ago and i was strangely interested in it and i then lost it in my i then gave up looking...a few years later (2011) i finally found it! i forgot all about it untill now!

it comes with multiple storys...might even review it someday!

~guineapiggal7 A.K.A Taryn iles

Friday, April 01, 2011

nintendo 3ds!

Omg i have some amazing news!

BUT first of all...

Happy birthday to hex the host of good game spawn point! her birthday was yesterday!

And now...the moment u have all been waiting for.....the amazing news is....................................


 it was realested yesterday .
And not only that but i got the LAST aqua blue ds color
so a lucky girl arnt i?

I may review the following games i have:
1. nintendogs + cats
2. sims 3 
3. rayman 3d

I will NOT review rayman 3d though...
so hopefully i get more 3ds games the more i get the more i will be able to review!
~guineapiggal7 A.K.A taryn iles

p.s: happy april fools day to australians everywhere! (even though i dont like april fools day) and happy april fools to people overseas for tomorrow...