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Hello I'm Guineapiggal7. But please, call me Taryn (or Taz if you know me really well) i'm 14 years old. My interests are My little pony, Sonic, Mario, Doctor Who, and getting into the webcomic called Homestuck.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Oh hey everyone!
i have some great news for all of you. Im going to be writing songs. They are going to be called "bright days and dark nights" the other one will be called "hey bluebird".
I have thought of some lyrics for "hey bluebird" but not bright days...

Better put on my thinking cap!

And its in my favourite colour too!


SnailOnABicycle said...

Two things: Lovin' the troll section istead of somments, and THAT THINKING CAP IS FREAKING AWESOME! :D

guineapiggal7 said...


I agree with having a thinking cap like that.