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Sunday, September 04, 2011


Hey everyone Guineapiggal here.
As you know (or might not know) that apparently Blogger has recently announced a new interface for blogger listings and postings.
Since i'm using it right now ill tell what it is like.

.Well first of all i'ts in a different colour like a white and silver and the readings list for blog posts are a bit wider.
To get to your profile you would have to click on your profile pic next to your blog name.
To create a new post you click an orange pencil icon.
To cheak your blogger stats you just click on your blogs name.
View your blog you click on an icon that ays view blog.
to edit your blog you click on an icon with a pic of a clip board
To title a blog post you will find a bar with the icons publish, save, preview, and close

And thats all there is to it! its so simple!
And if you do'nt like it then you can see an icon that says switch back to old interface.

Hope that helped

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