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Hello I'm Guineapiggal7. But please, call me Taryn (or Taz if you know me really well) i'm 14 years old. My interests are My little pony, Sonic, Mario, Doctor Who, and getting into the webcomic called Homestuck.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

new kitten

hey everyone its guineapiggal7.
Sorry about the lack of updates been going to school and my internet is slow...
any way enough with the bad news lets go to the good ones!

I now have a kitten! hes so cute
hes name is minyarn (its a bad spelling of mignon which means cute in french.)
hes gray with a little bit of white.

thats all i have to say really
ill update more often
P.S: im thinking of changing my blogger skin why? well it feels like a table cloth =/
what should i change it to? tell me!


Janeen said...

What kind of cat is it? And what colour?

guineapiggal7 said...

its a gray tabby with stripes
sadly it has trouble with pooping :(