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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Commentary: Nine passagers under 1 car roof!

Oh hey everyone!

Well finally after 1...2...3...4 months im going to do another commentary!
Its about this 17 year old bloke who was caught with nine passagners in his car...he was a learner driver and drove without a person who knew how to drive.
okay now with that little summery there lets roll!

NOTE: my comments will be in blue. you can also look at my first commentary in the january posts.

Learner driver caught with nine passengers

Hoon laws in Victoria will be strengthened to deal with incidents like the "staggering" case of a learner driver found with nine teenage passengers crammed into his car.
Ok hold it just a second! how is it staggering? oh says "staggering" (quote on quote). moving on!

Police pulled the 17-year-old driver over for a routine check early on Thursday morning and found no experienced driver in the car and nine teenage passengers who had just attended a party
I wonder why the 17 year old has has nine people in his car? well it does not say anything else why except that he at was a party! more info please!

The sedan was unregistered and also had false number plates.
Hmmm not sure what too say at this one...Next!

Premier Ted Baillieu said he would ensure the government's changes to hoon laws, which will be introduced into parliament this year, would cover situations where people were piled into cars being driven irresponsibly.
So after this incident they are goona change car laws again? Thats just silly!

"I am staggered in this day and age that anybody could try and squeeze nine, 10, people into a vehicle," he told reporters in Melbourne.

"It sounds like the most appalling situation, a parent's nightmare.
Wait wait wait! A parents nightmere? no a real parents nightmere is where your child has died or gone missing or something like that not this!

"Frankly, I would love to hear from the kids involved in this recent case as to what they thought was happening.
"What did they really think was happening as they piled into that car?
"What were they thinking?"

The youth, from Balnarring, faces charges including being a learner-driver without an experienced driver and driving an unregistered vehicle

Police said the Mornington incident could not be dealt with under existing hoon laws because the legislation did not cover this sort of offence.
*sigh* why cant they charge him?

Under Victoria's current anti-hoon laws, cars can be impounded and, in extreme cases, crushed

Well thats my second commentary done with Its not very good...

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