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Tuesday, August 02, 2011


School has been a blast for me so far as I'm the new kid on the block. The only bad thing about it is that for the first week i had to go with no uniform so i felt that i was the odd one out. And the best thing is that I'm learning German. but the only thing about it is that its a bit hard to pronounce.

Lets see if you can do the following poem (in german) perfactly.

Ball der Tiere.

Mich d√ľnkt, wir geben einen Ball!
Sprach die Nachtigall.
So? sprach der Floh.
Was werden wir essen? sprachen die Wespen.
Nudeln! sprachen die Pudeln.
Was werden wir trinken? sprachen die Finken.
Bier! sprach der Stier.
Nein, Wein! sprach das Schwein.
Wo werden wir denn tanzen? sprachen die Wanzen.
Im Haus! — sprach die Maus

If you can procouce that than your a freakin god.
And now for somthing compleatly differant...


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