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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

::SOPA Blackout::

Alright, We all no about SOPA right? Well for those who don't it It stands for Stop online piracy act. And there is another one Called PIPA (i have not found out what that means as of yet) It also means that all your favourite websites (Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia ect) could be censored or gone forever for "copyright infringement". So to stop SOPA/PIPA people are blacking out their websites, Wikiapedia is currently off due to to this, Don't believe me? Go to wikipedia. 

Here's a video Explaining the whole thing (Video by Jeepersmedia aka Mike Mozart)

Like i said before websites are blacking out for the sopa protest (i heard that facebook is doing it but it's not blacked out here yet).

I forgot to mention, SOPA Means soup and PIPA means pipe in spanish XDD

~ Guineapiggal7 XX

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