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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

My best 2011 moments

Hey guys, guess what? it's my  bloggerversery!!! That's right everyone i have officially been on blogger for a year! 

Now i was thinking of the nostalgic times, when i first started blogger and how many page views i had. Now that all that has passed i want to relive my moments.....

....My best blogger moments of 2011!

Note: that these are no particular order.

1. Commentary: snails can cause deaths
Date published: January 2011
My comments: Even though this is my first commentary which is not that great. It still needs a place because it was my first go.

2. Pics of cutey and minyarn + others!
Date published: March 2011
My comments: What can i say? seeing pictures of pets are so much fun!

3. Rant: internet
Date published: March 2011
My comments: This rant was fun to make! i should really make more rants...

4. commentary: another shimp bites the dust thanks to peta!
Date published: August 2011
My comments: Think i did a good job on this one

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