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Hello I'm Guineapiggal7. But please, call me Taryn (or Taz if you know me really well) i'm 14 years old. My interests are My little pony, Sonic, Mario, Doctor Who, and getting into the webcomic called Homestuck.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

schools out!

Oh hi everyone!

I had a teriffic day at school today because it was the last day of school!
we got out early as well and we also had a casual dress day!

heres some drawings i did in art today:

Me in my casual dress outfit

might color this
my character aqua might color

random doodle will not color

yeah i draw like a five year old dont i?
~guineapiggal7 AKA Taryn iles


Anonymous said...

Hey seems like you enjoyed a lot today at school,looking pretty in this dress!!!
Your drawings are also good....

guineapiggal7 said...

thanks...i still think i draw like a 5 year old though...