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Hello I'm Guineapiggal7. But please, call me Taryn (or Taz if you know me really well) i'm 14 years old. My interests are My little pony, Sonic, Mario, Doctor Who, and getting into the webcomic called Homestuck.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good friday...easter...blah...blah...blah

Oh hey everyone!

Yawn....i feel tired but i cant seem to fall asleep.

Good friday was today here in australia. I dont really like good friday because we cant eat any snacks during the day. But today was pretty good.

I cought some new pokemon in my game today so thats a plus. 

Oh and not to mention...easter is coming soon!. I am such a chocoholic...and we have lots of thats another plus!

hope everyone has a happy easter! ill see you in my next blog easter special post!


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